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Samsung UND8000 Smart TV Review

Posted by Ahmad Suheri Friday, March 2, 2012 1 comments
Samsungs aim with the UND8000 LED TV was to visually immerse the viewer with the pictures on display. The Samsung UND8000 is available with four different sizes of display. Other than the actual size of the display, all of the UND8000 models have identical specifications so the performance and features discussed in this Samsung UND8000 review are applicable to all models and display sizes of the Samsung 8000 series.


UN65D8000 65 inch LED TV
UN60D8000 60 inch LED TV
UN55D8000 55 inch LED TV
UN46D8000 46 inch LED TV


The Samsung UND8000 design is simply the most impressive design of any TV on the market today. The LED TV panel is framed by a tiny 0.2 inch metallic bezel and for such a large 65 inch LED TV this means that the bezel goes unnoticed when viewing. This was the original intention of Samsung when they designed this LED TV, to provide an immersive cinematic experience where the viewer’s focus is concentrated on the picture without any distractions.

If you decide not to use the attractive chrome TV stand that the UND8000 comes equipped with you can further enhance the viewing experience by wall-mounting it against the plain backdrop of a wall like hanging a work of art.


The color accuracy of the UND8000 is very good. Levels of blackness produced by the UND8000 are as impressive as any other leading LED TVs in this class. It even outperforms many local dimming LED TV models in the regard, which considering the UND8000 is an edge lit LED TV makes this fact even more impressive.

Ease of Use

The control buttons situated on the TV itself are located down one side of the ultra slim LED TV panel. When the controls are operated, an on-screen representation is displayed which is a nice touch that makes their operation easy and also keeps the buttons out of view so as not to distract from the UND8000’s super slim bezel-less design.

Review Summary

Samsung UND8000 LED TVarguably has the best design of any TV, its super-slim profile and tiny bezel can’t fail to impress. It video performance is solid – producing dark blacks and accurate colors and superior 3D TV performance without any crosstalk. Coupled with all of the image enhancing technology built into this TV the image it produces will blow you away (and that’s despite not having the best picture uniformity in its class). When you add the fact that it is also one of the best Smart internet TVs available, the Samsung UND8000 is a serious contender as one the best LED TVs available.

Best Price

For the best price of the Samsung UND8000 see the links below for massive discounts compared to Samsung’s recommended retail price.


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