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Sony Bravia NX720 LED TV Review

Posted by Ahmad Suheri Friday, March 2, 2012 1 comments
Sony LED TV is one of the most competitive TVs sectors. Read this complete Sony Bravia KDL NX720 review to find out how it compares to its rivals.


The NX720 is available in three screen sizes

Sony KDL-46NX720 – 46 inch LED TV
Sony KDL-55NX720 – 55 inch LED TV
Sony KDL-60NX720 – 60 inch LED TV

Video Performance

The strengths of the Sony NX720 are its ability to produce deep blacks, very good overall uniformity of picture, vibrant colors and Sony’s solid video processing. The NX720 compares well with the other edge-lit LED TVs in this class – the Samsung UND6400 LED TV and the LG LW5600. They all have similar overall performance levels, each has some specific advantages, the most obvious being that the NX720 has better black and color performance, but the UND6400 has better 3D TV capabilities.


The NX720’s 3D TV performance is good. This is an active 3D TV, typically this type of 3D TV can suffer from a dimming effect whist viewing 3D content because of the shutters built in to the active 3D TV glasses. However the NX720 favours very well because of its bright backlight, there is little noticeable reduction in brightness in comparison to equivalent active 3D plasma TVs which suffer more from this problem due to their inherent lower levels of brightness.


Sony KDL-NX720 is everything you would expect of a Sony TV. It has a stylish design that is on a par with the more expensive Sony HX929 and if you consider that it actually slimmer (it measures only 1.1 inches thick), then you might consider it even more impressive.

The construction and build quality of the NX720 are of the highest standard. Quite simply it is one of the best looking TVs available, the only other TVs to rival its design are the super sleek Samsung UND8000 and UND6400.

Internet TV

There no shortage of online services to choose from either, Sony has one of the best internet app suites out of all the major manufacturers. Other than Vudu all of the big name services are available through Sony’s internet TV. Netflix, Amazon Instant, Facebook, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Skype and Twitter are the main services that are available. There is also a big list of other specialist media services which may take your fancy also.

Review Summary

The bottom line is that the Sony NX720 does the business. On the exterior it has a stylish, slim design that surpasses its price. The 2D video quality that it produces is up there with the best edge-lit LED TVs. With the NX720’s superb internet TV capabilities thrown in to the mix, it is the complete package that can hold its own against the best LED TVs that are available.


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